About Us

First Founded

On the 1st of May 2014, the Young Muslim Academy was founded by three thriving ladies who felt the need to give something to the Muslim community. That something is a joyful journey to Islam. They tried to find a place where all Muslim kids could feel safe and happy at the same time to learn and touch the real core of Islam. In fact the academy started off in one classroom of six girls and one teacher. And now, with more sincere Muslim ladies and their real support, we can now see the school hugely improving over the past year and a half we’ve been here. We currently have a head teacher, six teachers, four teaching assistants, around sixty students all split into four classes and many still on the waiting list, managing to create an affordable way for our young ones to joyfully learn the wonders of Islam.


£25 per month for attending one session/ week

£40 per month for attending two sessions/ week

£55  per month for attending three sessions/ week

£7 per Arabic curricular book.

£10 per Islamic Studies book.