Legalising and Professionalisuing of the Young Muslim Academy

**Legalising and professionalising of the Young Muslim Academy**

As our school is getting bigger and bigger we are now taking the legal steps toward legalising and professionalising our school to meet the legal criteria required by the Governmental Educational Bodies.
1- We have the required DBS check done for all of our staff.
2- We all had the Child Protection Volunteer induction through Mrs Rachael Snape the Spinney school’s Head teacher.
3- I am going to undertake a full time course in Child Protection and Child Safeguarding on the 10th March to be the appointed person for our school for staff members to come back to in case of any issue related to Child’s Safety, Protection or Safeguarding.
4- We are now as you know undertaking a professional teacher training course to professionalise our staff to meet the teacher criteria and be updated with the new teaching methods and the proper methods to deal with children issues inside the classrooms.
5- We are now having a teacher and teacher assistant in each class and soon we will have special need assistant to help the pupils with learning and behaviour difficulties.
6- Soon 2-3 members of the staff will undergo a full training course for the First aid.
7- Our academy is now under the Spinney School insurance policy to cover the children and staff in case of any accidents or fire.
8- Therefore, you have to be aware of that:
Our Academy is not any more an afterschool club; it is now a proper legal school with rules and policies

1-So if you would like your children to join our academy, you and they have to adhere to the rules and follow the academy’s policy.
2-No absence from the school is allowed from any session unless there is an illness or a good reason to justify the child absence.

3-Each child will be absent for more than two session without good justification, will be automatically excluded from the Academy.
4-A report, concerning the education attainment, behaviour and attitude to learn will be issued for each child to the parents to follow their child progress.

5- Each report has to be checked, signed and returned to the class teacher in one week so we make sure that you have checked and read your child’s report.
6- A parents’ evening will be organised at the beginning of each term to be updated with the entire academy’s news and discuss all the issues that concern you or us regarding the children at the Academy.
7-  Also we will ask you to come and see us privately if we see that there is an issue we need to discuss it with you regarding your child.

The Young Muslim Academy Team

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