Young Muslim Academy Future Project

New YMA Reform

 ◊ We are a warm and welcoming Islamic school in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge. We teach Qur’an, Islamic studies and Arabic language to students between 4 and 16 years old. We focus in particular on character building and encouraging good, moral behaviour.
◊ As teachers, we work hard to give useful and enjoyable lessons with a variety of engaging activities, suitable to the age group of each class. We carefully track our students’ progress so we can work closely with parents.
◊ We offer a kind environment for students to learn with their friends in an Islamic atmosphere.
◊ We enjoy being part of the community, and we also get together for special events for Muslim festivals and in the school holiday.

When does the school run? There are two sessions every week during term time. These are between 6pm and 8pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. Students can attend either session or both.
◊ Where is the school held? The Young Muslim Academy is held in the Spinney School, Hayster Drive, Cambridge, CB1 9PB. You don’t need to be a student at the Spinney School to attend the Young Muslim Academy.
◊ Do we have to pay for lessons?

The fee for each student is £25 per month for one session a week

£40 per month for two sessions a week,

£55 per month for three sessions a week.

Sibling discount is available.

Books fees:

Arabic curricular book is £7 per book,

Islamic Studies curricular book is £10 per book.

The fees go entirely towards the running costs of the school. Sometimes parents may be requested to buy books for their children, or contribute to one-off events, such as Eid parties.
◊ Where can I find out more information? You can visit our website:
◊ How can I contact you? Please get in touch with Hanadi Kerdasi, the Head of the Young Muslim Academy, on 07808202414 or at

New Arabic Language Classes for Adult Learners

 As a great new step in offering more services to the Muslim community in Cambridge, the Young Muslim Academy is starting a Arabic language class for adults.
There will be one class on Tuesdays between 7pm and 9pm for adults over 18.
This timing is intended to be more convenient for children who have school.
The classes will start on Tuesday 11th September 2018
There is a small fee of £30 per month . Class is held at the Spinney School, Hayster Drive, Cambridge, CB1 9PB.
For more information about the classes, please contact the head of the academy, Hanadi Kerdasi, either by email at: or by phone on: 07808202414.

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